QAFAS Integration for various scanning products

The QAFAS Integration was originally developed for the former X-Solutions scanning products – SimplifyScan, SmartOfficeScan, DigiDocFlow and ScanFlowStore and let you attach scanned paper documents directly into you AFAS Profit / AFAS Online environment.

The QAFAS Integration works equally well with AutoStore and Drivve or any other scanning platform that integrates well with xml documents.

Scan paper documents and relate them to your clients, suppliers, employees or any of the other twenty available destinations supported by the QAFAS Integration.

Easy to configure

Set up synchronization for your organization’s AFAS Profit / AFAS Online dossier items and destinations in a few easy steps. The QAFAS Integration Windows Service will take care of the rest and import and export new AFAS items, scanned files and metadata at the intervals you’ve set up.

Set up synchronization intervals and authentication details using an easy-to-use management application.

Choose which AFAS GetConnectors you wish to synch for usage in your scanning product

The QAFAS Integration manager is used for all administrative tasks and can even be used to start, stop or restart your QAFAS Integration Windows Service. The Windows Service, in turn, is responsible for all synchronization intervals and will quietly run in the background, importing data from AFAS and exporting your scanned documents and metadata at intervals you’ve set up.

Use your synchronized xml data from AFAS in your SOS, SiS, SFS or DDF installation to create lookups or other functionality.

Easy communication

No matter whether the targeted AFAS environment is an on-site installation or hosted in the cloud, QAFAS Integration makes access possible by utilizing the AFAS Profit Web Services API for all communication. Lookup data is continuously synchronized at intervals specified in the QAFAS Integration Manager.
Web service communication allows you to reap the benefits of system isolation and  access to data simultaneously.

Evaluation version available

This product is available as a free 45-day evaluation version in our downloads section.