PlanCare 2 Connector for eCopy™ ShareScan®

The PlanCare 2 Connector for eCopy ShareScan let’s you attach scanned paper documents directly into your PlanCare ECD.

Scan paper documents and attach them directly to your clients into the correct category By leveraging ShareScan’s Type-Ahead functionality, users can search on the clients by typing either part of their name, their BSN or client ID.


Multiple authentication methods are supported and users can authenticate against Active Directory before they scan, creating a complete audit trail right in eCopy ShareScan. An administrator also have the option to specify credentials in the connector settings, removing the authentication altogether, to enable faster interaction at the MFP.

The latest feature is impersonation where users can scan directly to the clients and categories ONLY where they have access to without ever having to provide a password in the workflow. This does require signing on with a badge or pin code through an optional print management system. This is enough to authenticate the user in PlanCare and make sure all access settings are correct as defined in PlanCare itself.

Real-time Native Integration

Utilizing the PlanCare 2’s Web Services API, communication between your MFP and PlanCare 2 takes place in real-time. This enables scanning to clients the second they are added to PlanCare 2. Because all the communication is based on Web Services no software installation is required on the PlanCare 2 server.

Fully automated workflow supported by barcodes

You can setup the PlanCare 2 connector to utilize values from barcodes that are printed on your documents to ensure a fully automated workflow without providing any details at the MFP manually. Documents generated in PlanCare 2 such as admission forms for example can be labelled with 1 or multiple barcodes containing your clients ID or BSN and/or category name/id to create a fully automated workflow where ShareScan can split and identify the documents and attach them directly to the correct clients and categories. You can even specify a default file name to be used with your documents.

Evaluation version available

This product is available as a free 45-day evaluation version in our downloads section.

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