G-DAC Connector for eCopy™ ShareScan®

The Generic Database Access Connector (G-DAC) for eCopy ShareScan is the flagship of Connectyx Software’s product portfolio. In fact, it sets a whole new standard for ShareScan connectors.

G-DAC will let you query your SQL Server database from ShareScan to perform tasks such as validation, lookup, hierarchical data retrieval and storage. Values retrieved from your database may be used to name the scanned file or be used as input into a storage query.
G-DAC supports data retrieval and storing from both tables and stored procedures.

You can even automate your scanning workflow by utilizing eCopy ShareScan’s data publishing framework to do barcode readings or zonal OCR and batch scan documents. G-DAC will use your OCR-extracted values as input parameters to table lookups or stored procedures to create a fully automated, intelligent scanning workflow.

Given its versatile nature and extremely powerful management interface, G-DAC may be used as a universal connector, connecting your paper workflows with any business application in your organization that runs on Microsoft SQL Server.

The latest version now supports VBScripting as well as network messages which virtually allows you to store anywhere, including web services and healthcare systems supporting HL7 MDM/ORU messages for example.

Evaluation version available

This product is available as a free 45-day evaluation version in our downloads section.