Fidura Connector eCopy™ ShareScan®

The Fidura connector for eCopy ShareScan lets you attach documents directly into Fidura Enterprise. This connector has been developed together with Kluwer and is supported by using the ‘Fidura Scan connector’ available from Kluwer directly.

Scan paper documents and attach them to your dossier or relations, in any of the available document types supported by Fidura Enterprise.

Fidura screenshot

Real-time Native Integration

Utilizing the Fidura database, communication between your MFP and Fidura takes place in real-time. This enables scanning to your dossiers and relations the second they are added to Fidura. Because all the communication is done directly with Fidura no software installation is required on the Fidura server.

Fidura screenshot

Ease of Use and Flexibility

You can choose your dossier and optionally the corresponding relation from a search field at the MFP. Your employees can search for a dossier based on part of the name or the dossier number. You can even specify a default file name to be used with your attachments.
The Type-ahead functionality when searching for dossiers in the Fidura connector minimizes time required typing at the MFP.

Fidura screenshot

Evaluation version available

This product is available as a free 45-day evaluation version in our downloads section.

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