AFAS API changes drive connector release

Connectyx is very happy to announce the release of our new AFAS connector. This connector supports the newer (and better) APIs that AFAS has had available for some time now.

AFAS has announced the sun-setting of its older and now deprecated Webservices API, which our previous connector versions used. Therefore, an upgrade to the newer AFAS connector beginning with version numbers 5.4.2 is a requirement for continued operation into 2017.

Any connectors not having been updated by January 2017 will simply stop to work as AFAS finally pulls the plug on their Webservices API. This is something that is entirely out of Connectyx control.

We are also hard at work updating the QAFAS Integration, which also uses the old Webservices API and also must be updated before 2017. Connectyx will release a new version of the QAFAS Integration in due time and well before 2017.

The new AFAS connector can be downloaded from our downloads section.

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